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Some problems concerning the EU Association Agreement

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, November 12
One of the major conditions while signing the EU Association Agreement is the fulfillment of the re-admission agreement. This document envisages the return of illegal immigrants from European countries to Georgia. The Georgian government has started making some efforts in this direction. However, the process is very difficult, long, costly, and full of problems.

There is an opinion among the analysts that after the process of re-admission starts, it will create many difficulties to those citizens of Georgia who live in the European countries illegally, because in reality, by remaining in the European countries, working there and receiving salaries, these people sustain their families in Georgia by money transfers. For many families, in fact this is the only means of survival.

It will be difficult for Georgian officials to convince its citizens to give up their jobs in Europe and return to Georgia, which definitely cannot guarantee jobs and adequate income for these people.

So, the process of re-admission will deteriorate the conditions of the Georgian population in general. However, other analysts challenge such an opinion staying that after signing the Association Agreement with the EU, Georgia will benefit as a result of this agreement, thus Georgian citizens will have a legal chance and right to travel to the European countries and to work there. However, the process of convincing those who already have jobs in Europe and have to give up voluntarily will be painful for them.