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Turkmenistan increases electricity exports

Wednesday, November 13
In January-October 2013, the growth rate of electricity production in Turkmenistan was 103.8 per cent and exports were 104.7 per cent, Ministry of Energy of Turkmenistan said in a report.

Earlier it was reported that Turkmenistan follows the adopted Concept of Electric Power Industry Development of Turkmenistan for 2013-2020. According to the document, more than $5 billion is to be invested in the industry from 2013.

In the period of 2013-2016 it is planned to construct eight gas turbine power plants in the Akhal, Lebap and Mariy velayats (regions), reconstruct power plants in the cities of Seydi, Balkanabad and Abadan and construct high-voltage power lines. Conducting these activities will almost double electricity production by 2016.

Turkmenistan plans to produce electricity up to 27.4 billion kilowatt/hours by 2020, and to bring its volume to 35.5 billion kilowatt/hours by 2030. Currently, the installed capacity of all power plants of Turkmenistan's power system amounts to 4,151.7 MW, including 1,792 MW, or 43.2 percent accounts for modern gas turbines.

There are currently 10 power plants operating in Turkmenistan as well as 32 turbines, including 14 steam turbines, 15 gas turbines and three water turbines.

Turkmenistan, which is rich in natural gas, has been actively diversifying its economy in recent years. The expansion of electricity exports became one of the strategic spheres. At this stage, electricity is exported to Iran, Afghanistan and Turkey.

The possibilities of transporting electricity to Tajikistan, Kazakhstan, Pakistan and the Caucasus are being studied. (Trend)