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TSU rector presents first 100 days’ report

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, November 27
On November 26th, the head of Tbilisi State University (TSU), Vladimer (Lado) Papava, presented a report after 100 days in the post. On taking charge on August 19th, Papava had promised to submit a report after 100 days. Thus on Tuesday, he summarized the changes and developments which have taken place at TSU since August.

Papava mentioned a change in TSU’s doctoral programs. "I have sent a request to the Ministry of Education and Science about full financing doctoral programs. When a young person makes a decision about continuing education and linking his life to science, the government must do his best to help them. Science is the best way for developing our country. Therefore, 12 doctoral students will have their studies fully paid for by the university.” Papava stated.

Teacher of the Year is a new award to be given to the best instructor from each department. The award will be chosen by undergraduate students. There is also a new scholarship-The Rector’s Scholarship. The stipend will be given to the undergraduate student with the best academic record. "There is only one condition - the student must not be a candidate for any other scholarships.” Papava explained.

In order to promote scientific research, two academic conferences will be held every April. The conferences will give students at the undergraduate, graduate and doctoral levels an opportunity to present their research in a competitive environment. Those whose work is deemed the best will receive grants and other awards. In April 2014 a cash prize for foreign specialists in Georgian language and literature will be given. The prize will be given every two years.

There have also been changes made to the university’s library system. "In the first 100 days we bought a total of 1305 books. 300,000 lari from the university’s 2014 budget has been apportioned to translate books. We also plan to create an electronic library, but the scanners we have at the moment are very old. We are currently in negotiations with banks to get new scanners," Papava stated. TSU has also announced a tender to open a bookshop at the university.

Papava said the school year began with a student rally demanding the implementation of online registration. Papava said this demand was absolutely fair and added that the university is working on modernizing its IT capabilities.

Papava also spoke about an “immortalization” project. This project refers to the restoration of monuments to famous university figures. The Head of TSU also said that soon the TSU pantheon will soon be completed, and the remains of TSU co-founder Ioseb Khipshidze will be buried there. "We also plan to open a monument to Ivane Javakhishvili, one of the other founders of the university.” Papava said that in 2015 TSU is planning to commemorate the 100th anniversary of the death of Georgian poet Vazha-Pshavela.