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New life at the Tbilisi Zoo

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, November 28
Soon the public will be able to see three little Bengal tiger cubs at the Tbilisi Zoo. On November 7th a Bengal tiger named Cameron gave birth to two female and one male cub. The name of the father tiger is Maximus. He now lives in a separate cage from his family.

“At this moment the mother is hiding her cubs and no one except the zookeepers can get close and see them. Very soon, when they are strong enough, Cameron will bring her cubs out and everyone will have an opportunity to see them.” Khatia Basilashvili, social media supervisor of the Tbilisi Zoo, said.

The cubs do not have names yet. Their names will be chosen by the public as part of a contest which began on November 20th. The contest was announced on the TV show Mid-Day on Rustavi 2 and will end in about two weeks.