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Marneuli Infrastructure Renovated

Thursday, December 5
Defense Minister of Georgia Irakli Alasania, various MPs and the representatives of NGOs visited Marneuli Air Base today. The construction and rehabilitation project is in its final phase. The guests got acquainted with the ongoing work and opened a newly reconstructed mess hall equipped with modern appliances. The photos that depict infrastructure before its reconstruction were also exhibited in the mess hall. The visitors also viewed the modern appliances, were briefed on the retraining project for the canteen personnel and the employees of “Georgian Food Company” LTD was delivered to the visitors. The guests also viewed the ongoing infrastructural work – reconstruction of the old infirmary, HQ, barrack - on Marneuli Air Base. “Infrastructural projects are being carried out within the Georgian Armed Forces throughout this year. Today we are at Marneuli Air Base. We held one of the first inspections with NGOs at Marneuli base, where we agreed that the situation had to be changed. Today, you see quite a new infrastructure on the base. Our soldiers are absolutely in a new environment. The construction of the barracks and the infirmary is coming to an end. I’m very glad that the members of the Parliament of Georgia – the majority and minority– are supporting the Georgian Army together. I am sure that the multilateral support to the Georgian Armed Forces and Defense Ministry will continue in the future as well. This week we will complete several other projects. I want the Georgian people to know that the Armed Forces are a priority of the government. We have to create all conditions for our military in order to have worthy conditions for our military defending the country,” stated the Defense Ministry. In 2013, the Defense Ministry launched 83 large-scale construction projects in military units throughout Georgia. Mainly, the infrastructural projects include the rehabilitation or construction of barracks, staff, mess halls, infirmary, accommodation or working blocks and check-points. Mainly the interests of the physically disabled people were considered. Each building which has been rehabilitated or constructed during this period was designed to accommodate people with disabilities. Marneuli Air base was one of the amortized units in awful condition. The base has not seen any rehabilitation work since 1993. In 2013 within the project “Marneuli Rehabilitation”, several construction directions were defined. Both buildings were newly constructed, as rehabilitation of the old infrastructure was impossible. Currently, the renovated mess hall on Marneuli Air Base minimizes nutrition problems. Practicing hygienic norms is one of the main priorities in each mess hall of the military bases throughout Georgia. The leadership of the Georgian Food Company has started training courses for mess hall personnel and workers in order to raise the standards and hygienic norms. Qualification of chefs and ordinary workers will be increased after their retraining. Within the project, 11 local construction and rehabilitation projects were carried out: water-supply and sewerage were arranged, central heating and gas supply systems were installed, electricity was completely updated and transformer equipment was rehabilitated.