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Wednesday, December 18
Georgians celebrates St. Barbara’s Day

Georgian Orthodox Church celebrates Barbara’s Day on December 17.

The Divine Liturgy was served in every Georgian Orthodox Church.

The Great Martyr Barbara’s Day has been celebrated in Georgia since the 9th century. The Feast of Saint Barbara is connected with the old Georgian folk tradition to bake bean pies. On December 17, Georgians cook bean pies (lobiani) to show respect for Saint Barbara.

The Great Martyr Barbara is from the 3rd century. She was the daughter of a rich pagan named Dioscorus. After she converted to Christianity, she was tortured and beheaded. Saint Barbara is considered to be the Patron of children and fertility.

December 17 is also celebrated as the Day of Destiny. According to superstition, how the person will pass this day, the next year will be the same. (Agenda.Ge)

Power cuts continue in Georgia ten days after snowfall

Ten days after snow fell in the Adjara region of Georgia, frustration is growing, as there are still problems with the supply of electricity, natural gas and water. On December 13, people demonstrated in Batumi against what they feel is a lack of attention from the government. People brought 1990’s accessories to Rose Square near Batumi City Hall and called on the regional authorities to pay more attention to the infrastructure problems caused by the harsh winter.

“9 electricity poles are damaged. Our crews are working 24 hours a day. The supply of electricity will be restored soon,” Energy Minister Kakha Kaladze promised on Monday.

In the 1990’s, all of Georgia had a deficit of water and electricity. The streets were dark and people were without heating and natural gas. Meanwhile, work continues to restore supply. (Democracy & Freedom Watch)

Public Defender calls on Minister to ensure natural ventilation for prison

Georgian Public Defender Ucha Nanuashvili recommends the Minister of Corrections and Legal Assistance Sozar Subari to install openable windows in the #7 prison facility, so that natural ventilation is ensured there.

The inmates of #7 informed the Public Defender’s office that the administration was going to replace the windows with the ones that would not open. The windows would only be meant to light up the cells.

The installation process has already been started and the windows actually are unable to open, according to the Ombudsman representatives who went to the location and studied the case. Ucha Nanuashvili said that in the prison, there are special tubes installed for natural ventilation.

"Under Georgian legislation and international human rights standards, prisoners should be in the condition of natural lighting and cells should be provided with fresh air supply. The Public Defender believes that even the perfect ventilation system will not be able to replace fresh air for inmates. Moreover, #7 penitentiary is a strict regime prison and its inmates are only allowed to be walking in the fresh air for an hour a day. That is why the cells should be lit-up in a natural way,” reads the statement of Ombudsman’s office. (Agenda.Ge)

vanishvili says it is happiness for the nation to have a classic author like Tchabua Amirejibi

A nation that has a classic author like Tchabua Amirejibi is happy, the former Prime Minister Bidzina Ivanishvili said at the civil funeral of the writer at the St. Trinity Cathedral on Tuesday.

He said that the Georgian people bid farewell to an outstanding son of the country, the great author and a countryman.

“The land of Mtatsminda will receive the dignified son of the country that devoted his whole work to the love of his homeland. His death is the greatest pain, but it is accompanied with pride. The nation that has such a classic author is happy. Today, the name of Tchabua Amirejibi belongs to history, his urge “be wise Georgians” creates more feeling of responsibility,” Ivanishvili said, who also remembered the writer’s calling “Who are we today”. Ivanishvili said that Georgia has to be wise and make efforts to be a united nation and strong, and by this pay respect to the great writer. (InterPressNews)

The agreement on opening the tomb of Babushera in Abkhazia

Minister of Internally Displaced Persons from the Occupied Territories, Accommodation and Refugees of Georgia, David Darakhvelidze, announced a deal was reached about opening the Babushera tomb and one of the tombs at Gumista, as well as the reburial and identification of the bodies.

Both tombs are in Abkhazia, which is the breakaway region of Georgia occupied by Russian forces.

"The opening of the tombs is planned for the first half of the next year,” Darakhvelidze said. From the Georgian side, the bilateral mechanism process will be led by the minister himself and the experts group - by his deputy Nino Chavchavadze.

As for the Abkhazian side, de-facto Vice-Premier Indira Vardania was involved in the negotiations. Darakhvelidze also mentioned that the Red Cross will be supporting the negotiations and everything will be carried out under its auspices.

The lost tomb on the territory of the occupied Abkhazia was discovered recently. The tomb, in which 64 remains are found, belongs to the people killed during the Georgian-Abkhazian war in 1992-93. Abkhazian media reports that the remains in the tomb discovered in Glory Park in Sukhumi, may belong to Georgians. (Agenda.Ge)

Georgian Ski Team successful in France and Italy

The members of Georgian National Ski Team were successful in France in Italy. Junior members together with regular teammates improved their world rating.

On 12-15 December, a junior ski competition under the auspices of FIS was held in Italian resort Madesimo. Georgian junior ski team participated in the contest.

Iason Abramishvili took third place in the competition, Nikoloz Kozanashvili and Soso Japaridze ended in the fifth and sixth place and Jaba Gelashvili finished second twice. He continues to compete for an Olympic license.

Three members of Georgian National Ski team already gained Olympic licenses. (Agenda.Ge)