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Ski lift construction to be launched in Mestia

Tuesday, December 24
In spring of 2014, the construction of modern ski lifts will be launched on Tetnuldi ski route at Mestia ski resort, in the high mountainous region of Svaneti.

The presentation of the project plan was held at the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure by Geographic, a research and consulting company. Geographic conducted the feasibility study for the project including the environmental, geotechnical, geodynamic, hydro geological and landscape research.

Pomagalski, a French company which manufactures cable-driven lift systems, including fixed and detachable chairlifts and gondola lifts, has already provided part of the construction material.

"We are working to announce the tender for the construction work for the ski lifts. There is less experience in constructing the ski lift in Georgia, thatís why we donít want to make any mistakes,Ē Davit Narmania, the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure said after the project presentation.

The French government allocated 18 million EURO in long-term loans and 700,000 Euro in the form of a grant for the development of the infrastructure of the Mestia ski resort in 2011.

The decision to support the project was made during the visit of French President Nikolas Sarkozy and several French high officials from France on October 7, 2011 in Georgia.

Since 2011, Mestia has become a year-round ski resort.

At the resort, the newly-constructed lift station is 1,500 meters above sea level and is surrounded by 3,000-5,000 meter peaks.

The length of the red ski route for professional skiers is 2,600 meters long. The blue route targets less experienced skiers and it is 2,670 meters in length; with the 300-meter-long Mugviiri route for amateur skiers. (Agenda.Ge)