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Poverty - a major problem for Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, December 27
The poverty level in 2012 was 9.7%, according to the National Statistics Office of Georgia. However, this figure is challenged by most of the analysts who say that in reality there is a higher number of poor people in Georgia. Some of them go as far as suggesting that in 2012, the figure was closer to 80%.

According to United Nations standards, a person is considered starving if he/she is receiving less than 1800 kilo-calories per day. Analysts estimate that such category in Georgia is around 35% of the population. Around 50% in Georgia receive less than 2100 kilo-calories. There are many cases that the only kind of food for some people is bread, sometimes added sugar and oil. They have no access to meat, fish or fruit.

No figures are available for 2013 yet. However, some analysts suggest that the figures might have slightly improved.