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Friday, December 27
Cyber security bureau will be established in Georgia

The parliament approved making changes to the bill about ‘information security.’ According to these amendments, they will establish a cyber security bureau as a legal entity in the Ministry of Defense.

This bureau will provide protection and prevention of cyber-attacks in Georgia.

"Cyber security is not only a technical issue and anti-virus programs are not able to provide security in the digital world. Cyber security is a system with various aspects and abilities. Every department, banks, internet providers and other organizations in Georgia aren't protected from cyber-attacks,” written in the explanatory note of the bill.

Georgia became a target of a large-scale cyber-attack in August 2008, when Russian hackers took down Georgian web sites during the 2008 war between the two countries. (Agenda.Ge)

Georgian government to assist farmers in spring agricultural work

The Economic Council under Prime Minister Irakli Garibashvili has been considering a project to assist smallholder farmers in their spring field work in 2014.

The project envisions giving assistance to smallholder farmers through agricultural machinery and other materials.

The document will soon be approved by the Georgian Agency for Management of Agricultural Projects and its implementation on a country wide scale will begin in February, 2014. Financing of the project is planned from both the state budget and non-budget funds. Over 700,000 farmers will be assisted in the process of the project's implementation.

The preferential agro-crediting project for 2014 was also considered at the meeting of the council held under the chairmanship of Garibashvili.

Over 220 million lari was given to over 8 000 beneficiaries within the preferential crediting system in Georgia. At the same time, the activities of around 348 agricultural enterprises were financed.

The rate on a preferential agricultural loan doesn't exceed three per cent per annum in Georgia. The project will be expanded and replenished with new components beginning in 2014. (Trend)

Court of Appeals upholds suspending Tbilisi Mayor from Office

The Court of Appeals upheld the December 26 decision by the Tbilisi City Court suspending Tbilisi mayor, Gigi Ugulava, from office upon request from prosecutors, who have filed charges against him in connection with alleged misspending of GEL 48.18 million of public funds.

Like the lower court, the Court of Appeals also delivered its ruling without hearing oral arguments of the parties. Decision on suspending the Tbilisi mayor from office was appealed by Ugulava’s lawyers.

In a separate decision, the Court of Appeals also upheld Tbilisi City Court’s ruling ordering GEL 50,000 bail for Ugulava. In its motion the prosecution was asking for pre-trial detention of Ugulava, but the motion was turned down by the Tbilisi City Court and prosecutors took the motion to the appellate court.

“I wonder how they are going to enforce it,” Gigi Ugulava wrote on his Facebook page after the ruling by the Court of Appeals was made.

Ugulava’s defense team argues there is no legal mechanism envisaged by the law that would provide for enforcement of such a decision, involving the direct removal of the elected mayor of the capital city from office.

“I will continue this legal battle in the Constitutional Court. Tbilisites, I wish you Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Tbilisi ‘mayor’ Gigi Ugulava,” says the post on Ugulava’s Facebook page. (Civil.Ge)

Four people detained for illegal use of firearms

Officers of the Counterterrorist Center as a result of investigative activities held on the basis of operative information detained two Georgian and two citizens of the Russian Federation in Tbilisi for illegal purchase, possession, transportation and selling of firearms.

According to the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the investigation established that detainee Tamaz Ts. under the instructions of Giorgi K. legally purchased “Browning” “CZ” and “Glok” firearms in Tbilisi stores with the finances of Akhmet P. and registered them to various individuals.

The investigation also ascertained that Tamaz Ts. illegally delivered firearms to Giorgi G. and his two accomplices- Maksherip K. and Akhmet P.

During the search activities held in a taxi salon, law enforcement officers seized 25 bullets, 10 magazines, Glok-17 pistols, a “Grand Power” pistol and one “CZ” pistol.

An investigation is in progress into the fact of illegal purchase, possession, transportation and selling of firearms, under article 236, I part and III parts of the Criminal Code. (InterPressNews)

Special guests marking 36th anniversary of Patriarch’s enthronization

The Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili and his spouse attended a reception for marking the 36th anniversary of the Patriarch of Georgia entering church service on Wednesday. Gharibashvili spoke at the reception about the share of Ilia II for overseeing the wide-scale construction of churches and for his contribution to the development of spiritual life of the nation.

The event was attended by representatives of the government, the patriarchy, as well as artists and sports figures. (Georgian News)

Sukhishvilis’ biographical project “Ramishvilis” – ‘history, nostalgia and love’

Project “Ramishvilebi” by the Sukhishvili National Ballet premiered on Sunday at the Rustaveli Theatre, after the long-standing idea by Iliko Sukhishvili was prepared in the space of three to four months. The audience was treated to an original dance staging, while manager of the ensemble Nino Sukhishvili said the biographical show featured dance numbers with specific ideas. (Georgian News)

Remains found in Goa belongs to Queen Ketevan

It took fifteen years for experts to finally confirm that the part of the hand discovered in Goa belongs to Georgian Queen Ketevan.

Ministry of Culture and Monument Protection made a special statement last night after the conclusion was officially published by experts working on the issue. The Ministry plans to organize the transfer of the remains to Georgia, however, it was also reported that the Indian party demands one million dollar compensation to send the remains to Georgia. (Rustavi 2)