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Economic situation should be improved

Friday, January 10
Economic analysts express their concern about the economic situation in the country warning the government to improve the situation, otherwise they predict that by the end of 2014, the economic situation will not be radically improved and it will result in the collapse of the government.

Economic growth, the creation of jobs, promotion and support of small and medium sized businesses, production of export-oriented items and other measures should be urgently taken.

The concern of the analysts is also expressed with regard to the local currency GEL. It has become known that the Georgian official bodies are elaborating special legislative changes aimed at protecting the local industry from the increasing import.

According to these amendments, special import quotas and other protective measures should be taken to secure Georgian businesses from the overwhelming entrance of imported products.

On the one hand, this is protectionism of the local production, which is welcomed by local producers, while on the other hand, it could be against some commitments of the country in regards of its international responsibilities. (The Messenger)