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Friday, January 10
Five prison doctors fired after prisoner’s death

Five prison doctors have been fired after the death of a prisoner at Prison No 19 in Ksani, a town north of the capital.

Spokesperson Irakli Kordzaia said Wednesday that the Prison Ministry has studied what happened to a prisoner who died January 2, 2014, at the rehabilitation center for tuberculosis at the prison.

The general inspection and the Department of Medical Regulation studied the case and determined that the prisoner, Data Bobokhia, had complained about stomach pain, but didn’t receive proper medical treatment.

Kordzaia said he died because of mistakes by doctors, who didn’t move him to the hospital in time.

The ministry’s investigators say the five doctors at the tuberculosis rehabilitation center at Prison No 19 were fired because they made grave mistake.

All the material the ministry’s investigators gathered has been sent to the police and prosecutors. (Democracy & Freedom Watch)

Police reports crime rate decrease in 2013

The crime rate in Georgia has dropped significantly and more crimes are being solved, the latest figures reveal.

More than 10, 000 less crimes were reported in Georgia last year compared to the same period in 2012. This was a decrease of 25.7 %.

Figures released by the Internal Ministry of Georgia on Thursday revealed there were 28, 970 less crimes throughout the country last year and 17, 339 of these were solved.

In the same time period, the number of solved crimes increased significantly, from 40.9% to 59.9%.

Most of the crimes were committed in the capital city, Tbilisi, (up to 30,000 crimes) and 17,339 (59.9%) were solved, according to the statistics. (Agenda.Ge)

Road accident hinders traffic

Road accident that occurred on the Tbilisi-Senaki motorway hindered traffic for two hours. The accident occurred on the Ruisi section of the motorway - a vehicle slipped on the road causing the crash of seven other cars. Two passengers were hospitalized with light injuries. Currently, the traffic is resumed however, it is still misty on this section of the highway. (Rustavi 2)

Municipal official arrested for drug addiction

A Telavi municipal official has been arrested for drug crime. Giorgi Matchavariani, who is the chief of the service for cooperation with international funds and NGOs at the Telavi municipal administration, had narcotics with him during the body search. In addition, the blood test showed that the suspect was under the influence of drugs at the moment of detention.

Matchavariani admited to the crime. The investigation continues. (Rustavi 2)

Community of Persons with Disabilities comments on GPB

The Community of the Persons with Disabilities has released a special statement regarding the process of staffing the board of trustees at the Georgian Public Broadcaster (GPB). The process of staffing was delayed due to the refusal of the parliament, which failed to select the required number of candidates out of 27 persons nominated by NGO sector. The persons with disabilities call on the parliament to allow them nominate one of the candidates from their community. They have already nominated their favorite candidate and it is Giorgi Kokhreidze, which has the support of 100 NGOs.

The Community of the Persons with Disabilities has also accused the Public Defender of negligence. They say Ucha Nanuashvili refused to discuss the candidacy nominated by the organization. (Rustavi 2)

Bar Association demands Prosecutor's Office to investigate violence against the lawyer

The Bar Association demands the Prosecutor's Office to investigate the violence carried out against lawyer Romeo Sajaia, the Chairman of the Bar Association, Zaza Khatiashvili stated.

He expresses concern over the violence committed by prosecutor Levan Bachiashvili.

According to Khatiashvili, lawyer Sajaia was summoned to Tbilisi Prosecutor's Office on January 8 for receiving some case materials.

"When Sajaia arrived at the Office, prosecutor Bachiashvili spat at him and hit him into his face, after which Romeo Sajaia was forced to act in defence. The lawyer was hurt. I appeal to the infamous Prosecutor's Office to immediately investigate the violence carried out against Romeo Sajaia," the statement reads.

Khatiashvili demands presentation of the video footage recorded by several surveillance cameras at the Prosecutor's Office and immediate punishment of prosecutor Bachiashvili. (InterPressNews)

9 people poisoned from Kebab in Tbilisi

Nine individuals suffered food poisoning after tasting kebab purchased at 12, Leselidze Street in Tbilisi on Tuesday. Five of the sick individuals are still undergoing medical treatment.

Leselidze 2014 LTD was registered in December 2013 and has only been open for a number of days. The fast food spot features the slogan “Kebab on Firewood”, although their product is made using gas fire. Employees of the establishment excluded the possibility of their product causing food poisoning.

The National Food Agency is expected to issue a laboratory test report on the case in the coming days after samples of the Leselidze 2014 LTD food were sent for testing. (Georgian News)

Georgia wins all home games in World Handball Championship qualification

Georgia is fighting for the top spot in a Handball World Cup qualifying tournament after a successful campaign.

Georgia defeated the current group leader Lithuania 26-23 in its last home game in the 2015 World Handball Championship qualifier in Tbilisi on Wednesday.

This meant the Georgians had won all of their home games, after having defeated Turkey 33-26 earlier this month and Finland 26-19 in November.

The hosts led by three points at halftime (15-12) but the visitors became more active after the break. They reduced the score difference to one point on two occasions but after a tough battle the Georgian players won the game.

The most active player of the match was Rati Mskhvilidze of Georgia, who scored 18 times.

The Georgians will test their abilities in their final group match in Finland on Saturday.

Despite the defeat, Lithuania still leads the group with three wins, one draw and one defeat. Georgia has won three games and lost two.

However, Georgia still has a chance to take first place in the group. To do so, they must beat Finland on Saturday, and Lithuania must lose a home game against Turkey on Sunday.

The group winner will join 22 other qualifiers for the Men’s 2015 World Handball Championship in Qatar.

Even though it is unlikely the current group leader, Lithuania, will succumb to Turkey, the Georgians have said they still feel happy about the results, as the national team had not played a game in four years. (Agenda.Ge)