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Copyright presents…

By Ekaterine Tchelidze
Monday, January 13
The Association of Copyright in Georgia presented its eighth edition of Copyright magazine on Jan 9 at the Diogene publishing center, which hosted the event. The presentation was open to all interested people including members of international organizations, as well as prominent figures of Georgian Society.

Copyright is the first magazine about valid copyright laws in Georgia. The first edition of it was published two years ago, aiming to raise awareness about copyrights and to promote the law among members of society. Moreover, the magazine also explains the politics of copyright law and describes its international practice. In addition, it underlines the activities aiming to protect author property.

In comparison to previous editions, the content of the 8th Copyright was slightly altered by the additional section Student Club. The column gives an opportunity to all students from various universities in Georgia, majoring in law, to discuss any problematic topic of their choice in the copyright law; provide their professional analysis of the problem and a possible solution to it. According to members of the Association, this new section will not only help the young generation to fully participate in the solution of national problems, but might also bring new and somewhat interesting ideas to the society.