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135 million allocated for regional projects

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, January 14
The Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure reports that more than 180 million GEL will be allocated for regional infrastructural projects. The funds will be drawn from the state budget.

Meeting with the media on Monday, Minister Davit Narmania said the main priorities for 2014 will remain the same as in the previous year. The rehabilitation of pavements, the reconstruction of the water and sewage systems, as well as the improvement of yards and cooperative blocks of flats are on the agenda for 2014.

85 projects worth 17, 549, 065 GEL have been approved in the Kakheti region; 40 projects totaling 10, 238, 971 GEL were approved in the Mtskheta-Mtianeti region; 49 projects worth 15, 660, 072 GEL - in Kveda Kartli region; 19 projects worth 12, 662, 862 GEL in the Shida Kartli region; 25 projects worth 11, 570, 015 GEL in Samtskhe-Javakheti; and 114 projects worth 31, 133, 875 GEL in the Imereti region, as well as others.

The ministry follows certain steps before selecting the projects for financing. After the municipalities or governors select the projects and prepare the project outlines, successful projects are adopted by the commission of the Ministry of Regional Development and Infrastructure. Afterwards, the most successful projects are presented to the Georgian government for final approval only after that the projects receive financing from the Ministry of Finance.