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Tbilisi Zoo welcomes baby Zebra

Tuesday, January 14
He may be only two days old but a new-born zebra is demanding the spotlight at Tbilisi Zoo.

The baby Burchellís zebra was born at the Zoo on Saturday and was already standing up and walking around, Zoo officials said.

"The mother and the baby feel great. They are outside all day so guests can visit them any time, a Zoo official said.

"The mother does not allow us to come close to the baby yet, so we donít know the gender.Ē

Zebras are strong animals from childhood. About ten minutes after a zebra is born, it can begin to stand up, and in one week it can follow its mother and eat grass, a Zoo official said in a statement.

New-born zebras are born with glossy, brown fur and develop their stripes as they grow.

Burchellís zebras are easy to distinguish from other sub-species of zebras, as their black stripes are wider.

A Zoo spokesperson said Burchellís zebra were one of the strongest sub-species of zebra, however, human population growth in Africa and the destruction of grassland, which is vital for the animals, may lead this species to critical condition.Ē