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MoD with Tbilisi State University

Thursday, January 16
Defence Ministry of Georgia starts working on the electronic dictionary of military terms. The personnel of Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics of Tbilisi State University will involve in working process of the electronic dictionary. On purpose of cooperation, the Memorandum was concluded between Defence Ministry of Georgia and LEPL Ivane Javakhishvili Tbilisi State University. Deputy Defence Minister Mikheil Darchiashvili and Rector of Tbilisi State University, Vladimer Papava signed the document. According to the Memorandum, Informational Technologies Department of the MoD gathers military terms, divides them into classifications and translates foreign terminologies. The personnel of TSU Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics will learn and improve English and Russian military terms, also elaborate Georgian explanations of the terms. “Deepening cooperation with Tbilisi State University has its defined purpose. We will create electronic dictionary of military technical terms and explanations with joint forces. This will be a very important product for military educational institutions, Defence Ministry and General Staff” – outlined Mikheil Darchiashvili. Working on military terms electronic dictionary will complete at the end of the year. TSU Arnold Chikobava Institute of Linguistics provides to adopt the dictionary in state standard.