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New Chief-Prosecutor appointed

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, January 23
After a 22 day wait, Giorgi Badashvili, 32, has been appointed as the new Chief-Prosecutor of Georgia.

The parliamentary majority positively assessed the new chief prosecutor, stressing that the coalition members were taking part in consultations over his candidacy. However, the parliamentary minority were not pleased with the appointment, stating that former Chief Prosecutor Otar Partskhaladze recommended Badashvili’s candidacy. The head of the Georgian Bar Association criticized the new head of the Prosecutor’s Office and accused him of hiding facts.

The chief prosecutor’s post became vacant on December 30 after Otar Partskhaladze resigned due to a scandal that erupted over his past criminal conviction in Germany. Partskhaladze was convicted in Germany some twelve years ago. Partskhaladze stated that he was really convicted, for the physical assault of a German police officer.

“The candidacy for the post has been selected by taking into views his qualification, professionalism and good reputation,” the statement made by the Prime Minister’s press office reads.

Badashvili was the head of the investigations unit at the Chief Prosecutor’s Office since November 22, 2013 and was deputy head of the Anti-Corruption Agency at the Interior Ministry from May to November, 2013. Before that, Badashvili, who graduated from the faculty of law at Georgian Technical University, served in the investigations unit of the Finance Ministry since 2006.

Members of the Georgian Dream Eka Beselia, Giorgi Volski and Zurab Tkemaladze endorsed the selection of Badashvili.

Member of the parliamentary minority Nugzar Tsiklauri however, claims that the Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani did not participate in the selection of the new Chief-Prosecutor and that Partskhaladze appointed Badashvili in reality.

“Badashvili is not known in the juridical circles in Georgia. He is an unknown person and will not be impartial due to his direct connection with Partskhladze. Badashvili’s appointment to the position will not restore the damaged reputation of the Prosecutor’s Office,” Tsiklauri said.

Head of Georgia’s Bar Association Zaza Khatiashvili claims that while Badashvili worked for the Ministry of Finance many illegal facts took place there. He said that after Badashvili arrived at the Prosecutor’s Office there was a fact when prosecutor Levan Bachiahsvili physically assaulted lawyer Romeo Sajaia. However, the Investigation Department of the Prosecutor’s Office under Badashvili destroyed the video materials reflecting the crime.

Minister of Energy Kakhi Kaladze stated that without solid evidence, the accusations against Badashvili are groundless.

“Everyone can state that someone committed some wrongdoings. However, it does not mean that he really committed them,” Kaladze said.