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New hydro power station opens in Kazbegi

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, January 27
On January 24, the new hydro power station in Larsi was officially opened in Kazbegi. Minister of Energy Kakla Kaladze emphasized the importance of hydro-power stations for the country.

“We will bring the Georgian energy to independence, [while] Georgian energy will bring the country’s economy to maximal development and welfare,” Minister Kaladze said

According to Ministry of Energy, $20 million in construction of hydro-electro station on the Terdzi River began in 2011. The majority of the 150 people employed during the construction were local residents. After the power plant begins operating, 40 permanent jobs will be created.

Talking about the beautiful nature of Kazbegi, Kaladze said it has tourist and commercial routes, hotels, and catering facilities and will have a permanent energy supply, people will be employed, the population will be in the epicenter of events, the young people will stay there and the region will become more interesting and attractive, and will finally recover.

The hydro energy power station which is able to produce 100 million kilowatts per hour has been developed by the company Peri. The Ministry of Energy says the energy produced by Larsi Hess will fully transfer to power supply.

The head of The Greens Movement of Georgia, Friends of the Earth, Nino Chkhobadze, told The Messenger that the Larsi power station will not have a special effect on environment.

Talking about the Dariali power station, on the same River Tergi she said it will consume too much water, and because of that the Tergi can be damaged.