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Georgian wine export a success

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, January 28
After its return to the Russian market, the export of Georgian wines reached 46.8 million bottles, which is double the export total of 2012. Even without export to Russia, Georgia sold more wine abroad. As such, despite exporting its wine to Russia, Georgia has maintained and even increased its export to other countries.

Analysts observe that interest in Georgian wines in Russia is increasing day-by-day. Meanwhile export has continued to increase in other countries like Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus, Lithuania, England, Hong Kong, Netherlands, Finland, France, and Armenia.

In 2014, Georgian wine exporters plan to increase their PR campaigns and the promotion of Georgian wines in the Asian countries, as well as the US and Canada.

It should also be noted that the export of Georgian mineral waters also increased in 2013, in particular, the export of the Borjomi brand. Currently, Borjomi is exported to 40 countries. The greatest percentage of its export is to Russia. In 2013 it managed to recover its lost position on the Russian market after years of embargo.