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Draft of National Military Strategy discussed with NGOs

Thursday, January 30
Another meeting with the civil sector was held at the Defense Ministry. Deputy Defense Ministers Mikheil Darchiashvili and Tamar Karosanidze received recommendations and notes from the representatives of NGOs and independent experts on the draft of the National Military Strategy. The draft of the National Military Strategy was elaborated by the Defense Policy and Planning Department of MoD. The relevant structural units of the Defense Ministry and General Staff, NGOs, as well as Georgian and foreign experts, were actively participating in the working process. The elaboration process of the draft document was carried out in three stages. The first phase, started in July of 2013, included learning the strategic and conceptual documents of the various countries, sharing foreign experience, their analyses and adaptation to the Georgian reality. In the second stage, an English version of the draft document was sent to the foreign experts for the purpose of assessment. After several essential discussions, the document was completed. At the final phase of the elaboration, the draft document was sent to the representatives of the civil sector. Their notes, recommendations and proposals are depicted in the final draft document. The final draft document of the National Military Strategy will be submitted to the Parliament of Georgia and the National Security Council and Ministry of Foreign Affairs. At the meeting the representatives of the civil sector were also introduced to the draft law of Georgia “About Defense”, as well as the amendments adopted in the laws “About the Authority and Activity of the Georgian Government” and “About Mobilization”. The NGOs got acquainted to the assessment of Building Integrity as well.