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Production of electricity

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, January 30
Word of the construction of new electric power stations has circulated constantly in Georgia over the past days. However, paradoxically enough, the production of electricity is decreasing. In 2013 the Georgian energy system produced 9.14 billion kilowatt hours. In 2012, 9.69 billion kilowatt hours were produced. In 2011, even more electricity was produced 10.1 billion kilowatt hours.

There are different explanations for this. One suggests a climatic hydrology problem; the second suggests that there is mismanagement of the system. In 2013, the energy system increased when Bakhvi Hess and Shilda Hess began functioning. In 2014, Larsi Hess was opened. By the end of this year Paravan Hess will also start producing electricity.

So, eventually, these stations should be producing more electricity and thus Georgia will become an electricity exporter country.