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Matthew Bryze: Europe needs to change its policy

By Ana Robakidze
Tuesday, February 4
Americans think that Mikheil Saakashvili acted in their favor and all his steps were in the interest of the United State, former U.S Assistant Secretary of State Matthew Bryza said in his interview with the Georgian newspaper Kviris Palitra.

He explained that the U.S officials have various views on Saakashvili’s politics. Some officials think that the former Georgian President was correct when he rushed to push the country towards the Euro-Atlantic family. Others believe that Saakashvili’s policy was a bit aggressive and he had to pay more attention to the Russian factor in the country.

In his interview, Bryza was asked to assess the chances of Georgia’s Euro-Atlantic future. He said that Georgia has been progressing successfully and the country is doing everything possible to join the European family. Bryza praised defence reforms and the work done by the Ministry of Euro Atlantic integration.

The U.S diplomat advised the Georgian government to avoid any kind of political persecutions, as it might create some problems for Georgia on its way to NATO.

Bryza was also asked to comment on the video footage of the Mukhrovani special operation in 2009. He said that if the footage sparks some questions, an investigation should be launched. In the case the operation was planned with violations, the responsible people should be brought to justice regardless of their political rank. No one can take supremacy over the law, neither can Saakashvili, Bryza said.

On a journalist’s question whether Georgia can rely on international help if Russia continues its aggression, Bryza replied that there will be military support to Georgia only after the country joins NATO. He advised Georgians to try all the possible ways and make the country very attractive for Europe.

“I cannot tell you when Georgia will join NATO, but to achieve this, European policy should be changed,” Bryze explained that France and Germany feel very uncomfortable because of Georgia’s intention to join the Euro-Atlantic family, as these two countries are very dependent on Russia and its resources.