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Svaneti population rallies against Khudon Hydro Electric Power Station

By Messenger Staff
Tuesday, Febraury 4
Most of Svanetiís population announces that they are against the construction of the Khudon Hydro Electric Power Station and are thus helping to organize protest rallies. Meanwhile, state officials plan to carry out certain measurements for allotting plots of land for the Svan population; a compensation for ceding territory for Khudon Hess. The Deputy Minister of Energy said if the Svan population will oppose further the construction and those who carry out measurement activities, the police will get involved in the process.

Meanwhile the Svan community assertively maintains their commitment to protect their position. The government publicized its plans to start construction in 2014. The electricity generated by the Khudon Hess will be distributed to the Georgian population for three months in winter time, whereas for the remaining nine months electricity will be sold to Turkey.