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The deficit of competition in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 7
There is no doubt that competition is the most necessary condition for the development of a free market in any country. The current Georgian Dream administration had promised before the parliamentary elections in 2012 to enact anti-monopolistic legislation. However, almost a year and a half have passed and no legislation has been passed so far.

There are certain segments in the Georgian domestic market where there is a serious deficit of competition. The total money turnover of the Georgian business sector in 2012 was 42 billion GEL. 80% of this turnover is occupied by large companies. Unfortunately, the volume of activities of medium and small business in Georgia has been decreasing and the tendency continues.

Analysts insist that if the state is genuinely committed to the economic development of the country, it should not only activate anti-monopolistic legislation, but also support the development of small and medium sized businesses.