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Sochi Olympic Games and separatism in Georgia

By Messenger Staff
Friday, February 7
Analysts and journalists in Georgia suspect that most probably the Georgian delegation in Sochi will meet members of the separatist regimes of Sukhumi and Tskhinvali there.

Presumably, it should not influence the position of the Georgian government. Despite the provocations from the Russian side, Georgia is unlikely to withdraw from the Olympic Games demonstratively.

Most probably the Georgian delegation “would not notice” such provocations and would declare that the representatives of Sukhumi and Tskhinvali are not invited officially but attend the games on their own.

The fact that the representatives of de facto regimes would be present at the Sochi Olympic Games could have been predicted. Some Russian and Ossetian media already aired unofficial information that separatist leaders are invited at the official dinner to Sochi organized by the Russian President Vladimir Putin for world leaders.

Georgia’s special representative in relations with Russia, Zurab Abashidze, denied the information about the official invitation of the de facto South Ossetian leader Leonid Tibilov to the Sochi Olympic Games on February 5.

According to Abashidze, the Russian Foreign Ministry and the International Olympic Committee confirmed that only officials from the participating countries have been invited to the Olympic games, as for private people – they can travel to Sochi on their own without any problems.

Abashidze also mentioned that if there are some provocations, Georgia reserves the right to take adequate measures for protecting the interests of Georgia and its athletes.

It is known that the current Georgian leadership made a decision from the very beginning to take part in the Olympic Games. This step was a good will gesture of Georgia towards the Olympic movement in general.

Apart from any surprises for the Georgian delegation, there is much concern and headache for the organizers of the Olympic Games in Sochi about the possibility of a terrorist attack inside or outside Sochi.

There are unusual security measures taken by Russia, and some countries have offered support and cooperation with Moscow in securing the Olympic Games. However, nobody can predict the developments in Sochi.