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Local Leaders of Innovative Education summarize activities

By Messenger staff
Tuesday, February 11
On February 10, the project entitled Local Leaders of Innovative Education organized a summary conference.

The project launched in April, 2013 and its key aim was to introduce teaching methodology in Georgia for opening the innovative education initiatives in the local communities and schools. All these would strengthen the involvement of the leaders and NGOs acting in the education field.

In the frames of the project, the teachers were selected from various Georgian regions who passed through the four-round training courses, including “Active teaching”; “Creativity in education”; “Innovative education tools” and “Debates and other advisory models for introducing complex and controversial issues”. The courses were conducted by Polish, Slovakian, Hungarian and Czech experts.

During the conference the activities implemented in the frames of the project were discussed, as well as using the innovative education methodology in practice. In addition, six workshops were held, conducted by Georgian, as well as foreign experts.

It is also noteworthy that the conference attendees had an opportunity to select a workshop to participate in.

The six workshop topics included: “Movie Art in Education”; “Workshop about Georgian Experience”; “Visual Art in Schools”; “Young Discoverers’ Club”; “Role Games and Simulations in Education” and “Interactive Style and Its Usage in Practice”.

The project “Local Leaders of Innovative Education” was financed by the Visegrad International Fund and was implemented by NGO networks “Partners for Democratic Change” (including five organizations) and the Innovative Education Foundation.