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Technical inspection heavy burden for the drivers

By Messenger Staff
Monday, Febraury 17
It was announced that from 2015, the technical inspection of vehicles will start in Georgia. However, it will become obligatory only from 2019. Presumably, the price of technical inspection will be 48 GEL, but this is in the case where the car is technically fit and satisfies all the standards. In other cases, the drivers will have to pay as much as $2,000 USD or more to conform to international standards.

Today there are around 900,000 automobiles registered in Georgia and a large portion of these are obsolete vehicles. It is supposed that around 1/3 of these cars is older than 20 years. Around the same amount is approximately 10-20 years old.

Most of the vehicles that run in Georgia have no catalizators. It will cost around $200 USD to install this device. During the technical inspection, the cars should have new tires, which will cost up to $600 USD.

Specialists suggest that approximately only 20% of cars running in Georgia will meet the European standards of technical inspection. This will create a catastrophe because many families depend on the income their family member receives from working as a taxi driver, not to mention there are jobs connected with transportation, and the distribution and delivery of goods.