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Type- A virus affects the elderly

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Monday, February 17
The type-A virus has caused the death of 5 beneficiaries at Samtredia’s ascetic house. Nine other patients are going through treatment in a Kutaisi hospital with a similar diagnosis. According to the National Center for Disease Control and Public Health (NCDC) some of the patients had the type-A H3N2 virus, and some - H1N1, known as “swine flu”, but according to them there is no danger that the virus will further spread.

The Head of National Center for Disease Control and Public Health, Amiran Gamkrelidze, said that in this period, the immunity of people is especially weak and sensitive.

“However, cases this year have been much fewer than last year,” Gamkhrelidze said, advising people to stay home if they have any kind of illness.

The head of the scientific board of the NCDC, Paata Imnadze, said that cases of flu infection will increase in late February and early March, though not to the extent that it did in 2009. He says that flu normally hits those with underlying health problems like asthma, diabetes, vascular diseases and elderly people. He also gave advice about viruses and said that infected persons should avoid crowded places. Imnadze addresses citizens to eat garlic and pay attention to washing hands.

In the Kutaisi hospital doctors say that patients are in stable condition now and there is no threat to their health at the moment. They also agreed with the statement of the NCDC that there is no possibility of the virus to burst and take on a global form. That is why they do not see any need to declare quarantine. “The situation is stable and there no need to worry about the scales,” the doctors say.