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U.S. Ambassador and U.S. Paralympian Join Forces to Advocate for Persons with Disabilities

Monday, February 24
“Candace makes me proud to be an American—and proud to be the American Ambassador to Georgia.” This was Ambassador Richard Norland’s response after listening to U.S. Paralympian Candace Cable speak candidly to youth groups at the Ministry of Youth and Sport on Thursday, February 20th.

After touring the Ministry’s museum of sports heroes and being personally welcomed by Minister Levan Kipiani, Candace spoke in detail on how young people can be advocates for persons with disabilities. Candace pointed to sport as one of the greatest mechanisms for increasing awareness and encouraging society as a whole to become more accessible and inclusive.

Referring to her 27-year sporting career after a car accident left her paralyzed, Candace said, “I took a negative image and turned it into a positive one… I learned you always have a choice.”

The U.S. Embassy hosts American expert speakers in a variety of fields who engage Georgian audiences on topics of interest to both nations.
(Embassy of the US to Georgia)