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Wounded soldiers travel to the US for rehabilitation

Thursday, February 27
The second group of wounded soldiers traveled to the USA early morning on February 23. The soldiers injured in ISAF mission in Afghanistan and August War 2008 will undergo the prosthesis program at the Peter Harsch Prosthetics Clinic, in San Diego, California. Head of the Medical Department of the GAF, LTC Medea Betashvili, family members and brothers-in-arms, saw them off at Tbilisi international airport. They wished the soldiers a speedy recovery and a quick return home.

On the second stage, 6 wounded soldiers will undergo a rehabilitation course at the Peter Harsch Prosthetics Clinic. The soldiers with amputated limbs will be provided with bio-micro prosthesis’. They will be able to easily move on difficult terrain with the help of advanced electronic limbs. The new prosthesis’ can resist extreme conditions and enable the military to pursue a more active life. Dr. Major Zviad Burdzgla observes their rehabilitation course in the US as well.

The rehabilitation course at the Peter Harsch Prosthetics Clinic is individual for each serviceman. They were selected according to their types of injuries. At the first stage, 6 wounded soldiers underwent the treatment course and returned to Georgia on February 15. Currently, two soldiers sent during the first stage are undergoing the prosthesis program. After returning home, all military personnel will come back to their units to continue military service there.