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Parliament adopts resolution over Ukraine

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, March 6
Georgian Parliament will adopt a resolution over Ukrainian issues. The resolution text is being discussed between the majority and minority representatives. Despite the fact the government has made various supporting statements towards Ukraine and agreed on the resolution, the parliamentary minority continues to stress that the coalition “lacks initiatives” regarding Ukraine. For its part, the Georgian Dream accuses the opposition of “speculating” on Ukrainian problems.

Parliament Chair Davit Usupashvili emphasized that the resolution text should reflect the common problem and the common enemy for Ukraine and Georgia.

“We should continue making statements and moving ahead concerning Ukrainian issues. It would be the best assistance from Georgia towards Ukraine and the best service for our home-country,” Usupashvili stated, adding that the enemy should see that the nations are united with common goals.

The parliamentary majority and minority agree that the resolution text needs to be strict, clearly indicating Russian aggression and intervention. It was mentioned several times by the minority members that they wanted a special session dedicated only to Ukraine’s problems.

The UNM MP Givi Targamadze stated that the Georgian government should have expressed more initiative concerning Ukraine, including asking regional countries to establish a common position towards Ukraine.

Fellow opposition MP Nugzar Tsiklauri even drew parallels between the current Georgian government and the Yanukovich’s leadership. According to him, exercising political pressure on opponents and corruption were major factors causing the collapse of the former Ukrainian government.

Tsiklauri stated that like Yanukovich’s government, the current Georgian Government encouraged the country’s downfall. He also accused the coalition government in large-scale political persecution of political opponents.

Responding to the opposition’s criticism, Vice-Speaker Zurab Abashidze stressed that Georgia is standing together with the United States, EU and the whole civilized world and this attitude does not need any confirmation.

“Russia is on the other side, and I cannot name a single state sympathizing with Russia in this situation,” Abashidze stated, noting that the UNM caused the country’s downfall while in power and not the coalition.

Fellow coalition MP Giorgi Volski stressed that “neither Brussels nor Washington have any remarks concerning our position and statements, when the UNM keeps criticizing us…” Volski stated.

Political analyst Vazha Beridze thinks that the major messages of the resolution should be Georgia’s support for Ukraine’s European integration, and a clear attitude that Russian actions are illegal interference and a violation of Ukraine’s territorial integrity. The analyst does not share the opposition’s aspiration, stating that the Georgian government’s attitude and statements concerning Ukraine are strict, principled and balanced.

“I think that the government is acting reasonably, as 20% of our territories are being occupied and one day we have to sit with Russia and speak over the problem…maybe someone thinks that Georgia should send volunteers or military groups to Ukraine. However, in my opinion, this step would be careless, especially when Ukraine has better support from the international community than we had in 2008,” Beridze told The Messenger, adding that less support towards Georgia during the war might have been due to the fact that the Georgian government was provoked and the country became a participant of the conflict. “Ukraine tries to avoid such military confrontations,” Beridze stated.