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Sukhishvilebi’s triumph in Ukraine

Wednesday, March 12
Georgian National Ballet Sukhishvilebi successfully ended their lengthy tour in Ukraine with an emotional performance in support of their host country.

On their final performance on March 8, dancing the traditional Georgian battle dance Khorumi, Sukhishvilebi marched to the centre of the stage carrying the flag of Ukraine.

The Georgian dancers also performed Ukrainian dance Gopak.

The ballet’s Artistic Director Iliko Sukhishvili called this tour “historic”. He said this was the way of expressing Georgia’s support to Ukrainians.

"The Georgian people are always together with the Ukraine people,” he said.

At the end of the performance, Iliko and his sister Nino wished "Glory to Ukraine” speaking to the audience from the stage. They both stressed how they supported Ukraine’s aspirations for freedom.

After performing in more then 20 cities of Ukraine, the Georgian National Ballet finished its tour in Ukraine on March 8 before it continued its overseas tour in Belarus.