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Russian ‘bear’ continues to impose its will on Crimea

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, March 13
Despite the protest and warning from the West, Russia stubbornly continues its plan on snatching Crimea from Ukraine. Russia’s intentions are clear and it does what it wants to do. In the process, Moscow ignores the international system of justice established after World War II and declared at the Helsinki Summit and other international documents recognized by the international community.

There is a Russian interpretation of international justice where Moscow’s neo-imperialistic claims prevail. And the Russians know that no one can stop them, barring the unlikely scenario of a military response from NATO or the US.

The Crimean card was activated by Moscow after it realized that it was losing in Euro Maidan. Initially it was suggested that Russia and separatist Crimea insisted on holding a referendum on Crimea’s future on May 25 together with the Ukrainian presidential elections.

However, Crimean separatists encouraged by Moscow ignored May 25 and decided to hold the referendum on March 16.

On March 11, Crimean local government declared independence. On March 16, the Crimean population, 60% of which are of Russian origin, will definitely vote for the integration of Crimea into the Russian Federation.

It is known that on March 21, Russia’s Duma will discuss the issue of Crimea’s integration into the Russian Federation.

Russian officials, meanwhile, keep on reminding the world that the genie of separatism was released from the bottle by the western authorities in Kosovo at first. And therefore, Russia is acting in line with the historic precedent.

Some analysts believe that by occupying Crimea Russian President Vladimir Putin has resumed the Cold War. However, this is already more than a cold war.

People living in Russia are hailing Putin’s “brave” steps, and his intentions of protecting the Russian population in neighboring countries. Some suggest that Russia should not stop in Crimea and continue its triumphal steps into eastern Ukrainian regions.

So, the situation around Ukraine is moving towards a bloody confrontation. Analysts warn the world community that Russia’s moves are becoming uncontrolled and there is a possibility that Russia will be further applying its aggression against Moldova, Georgia and the Baltic states.

Here in Georgia, Moscow continues taking provocative steps by installing barbed-wire fences along the administrative border of the breakaway region of South Ossetia and while doing so, snatches more and more territories from Georgia.

Georgian-Russian dialogue between the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gregory Karasin and Georgia’s Special Envoy in Relations with Russia Zurab Abashidze, scheduled for March 4-5 has been postponed for an indefinite amount of time at the request of Moscow.

It is not difficult to guess that the Kremlin is waiting for the developments in Ukraine to fully unfold. In the meantime, Russia will continue taking its imperialistic steps, thus challenging the West’s tolerance.

However, everything will have its limits.