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NATO celebrates the beginning of enlargement

Thursday, March 13
The Ambassadors of the Czech Republic Tomas Pernicky, Hungary’s Sandor Szabo and Poland’s Andrzej Cieszkowski held a celebration ceremony at the NATO liaison office in Georgia dedicated to the 15 years since the first NATO enlargement after the fall of communism.

The Head of the NATO liaison office William Lahue opened the session.

The State Minister of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Alex Petriashvili welcomed the audience, highlighting the importance of NATO enlargement, in particular under the current circumstances aggravated by the Russian aggression against Ukraine.

Deputy Minister of Defence Mikheil Darchiashvili highlighted the achievement of the Georgian Armed Forces in compliance with the country’s strve to join the North-Atlantic Treaty Organization.

Ambassadors of the Czech Republic, Hungary and Poland once again confirmed their countries’ commitment to grant Georgia the membership action plan (MAP) during the forthcoming NATO Summit in the UK.