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Lecture given to the military going to Afghanistan

Thursday, March 20
The soldiers preparing for deployment to Afghanistan were given a special training course for the first time on such topics as “Resolutions on Women, Peace and Security” and “Building Integrity”. The UN resolutions place a focus on the protection of women`s rights, increasing women`s representation in security sector and on the active participation of women in conflict resolution process. “Building Integrity” program is oriented to strengthen honesty in military personnel and encourage them to adequately respond to the risks of corruption.

Making a special emphasis on the above-said issues aims at the formation of professional armed forces and at the introduction of international standards there which are among the top priorities of Ministry of Defence. A military servant is the face of modern army who is well aware of the women`s rights, respects and protects them and is free of the impact of corruption.

The training was led by the Head of Administration of National Defence Academy of MoD Maia Avaliani, Chief Inspector of Command and General Staff College LTC Teimuraz Butskhrikidze, Chief Inspector of Maneuver Captain Career Course of Captain Career School, Captain Giorgi Tvauri, Chief of Division of International Law Giorgi Amanatidze and Deputy Chief of the same Division Otar Dughashvli.

The training courses on these issues will be held for all soldiers. Pre-deployment training will also include a trafficking issue. These topics will be taught to the NDA students too as part of bachelor programs and the programs of special schools.