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Ministry of Internal Affairs launches anti-drug campaign

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, March 26
The Georgian Ministry of Internal Affairs presented an anti-drug campaign using special videos aimed at preventing youths from using ‘bio’ narcotics under the slogan Let Us Change the Attitude Together.

Doctors who participated in the social videos inform the public over the dangers of these kinds of drugs and raise public awareness of its consequences.

All the videos will be aired on television and social networks.

Emergency Response Center 112 has also prepared a special informative video within the frames of the campaign by means of which, society will receive information on the first symptoms typical after using synthetic cannabis, known as “bio”.

Minister of Internal Affairs Aleksandre Tchikaidze, Minister of Labor Health and Social Affairs Davit Sergeenko and Minister of Sport and Youth Affairs Levan Kipiani, attended Monday’s event together with doctors, psychologists, oncologists, sexologists and other experts in drug- related issues.

“Our aim is not only to punish drug users, but we also want to help them in the rehabilitation process,” Minister Tchikaidze said.

According to the Healthcare Minister Sergeenko, the public should have a clear image of the situation in addition to the government.

There is a popular opinion in Georgia that drug-addicts are not criminals, but rather they have some sort of illness. This is why most people suggest ensuring them with medical treatment instead of detention, which has been actively exercised in Georgia in previous years.

However, the substances used to prepare synthetic cannabis will soon become illegal in Georgia. As Minister Sergeenko said earlier in February, these kinds of drugs are very difficult to control; this is why its components will become illegal.

“This is a modern new type of trouble, but our government is ready to fight it!” Minister of Justice Thea Tsulukiani said, stressing that from April 1, 2014, Bio users, sellers and everyone linked to it will be strictly punished.