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Bad weather dampens moods, stalls spring’s progress

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, April 1
Recent strong wind, snow and storms caused problems throughout Georgia.

The weather worsened in the country on the Saturday night. Emergency services received 75 calls in Tbilisi alone. Reportedly, houses have been damaged and trees were fallen because of the strong gusts of wind.

14 roofs were damaged, some seriously, another 26 cases are minor.

The Tbilisi Mayor’s Office stated that all the damage will be fixed by the local administrative bodies.

In the western part of the country, temperatures dropped overnight from 23 C to 1 C.

The six magnitude storm caused problems on the Adjara coast. The local emergency services reported that strong waves washed sediment ashore over the New Batumi Boulevard.

In addition, it started to snow in Batumi, causing a few road accidents. 4 people were seriously injured in a car crash.

Some landslides also took place in recent weeks. One of them even ruined a house in Keda, but the family was able to leave the building in time and no one was injured. According to the municipality, the landslide was triggered by heavy rain and snow.

Meanwhile, snow is continuing to fall in the Imereti region, in particular, in Tkibuli, Bagdati and the Kharagauli municipalities. However, heavy precipitation has not caused problems in the region, unlike in the Khulo municipality, where heavy snow and strong winds damaged power lines.

Bad weather has also caused flight delays at Tbilisi International Airport.

to the National Environmental Agency, bad weather will remain in western and eastern Georgia for a week.