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State starts supporting export

Friday, April 4
Since the Georgian Dream coalition came to power, it has started promoting and supporting export production. According to the national Statistics Office of Georgia (GeoStat) export production in Georgia keeps increasing.

The Ministry of Economy and Sustainable Development has established a special center for supporting the interests of exporters.

The government has already admitted that there are certain barriers for export production in Georgia which should be eliminated.

The main task of the centre is to create a situation when the export production has zero or very few obstacles. Serious work needs to be done at customs. The customs clearance sometimes takes too much time. The exporters are asked to produce some extra and essentially unnecessary documents.

Many problems are created by the poor condition of quality control. This creates a situation when Georgian-made products do not comply with international standards.

Much work is to be done for creating special bodies, which would control the quality of Georgian products so that they could become compatible to global norms. Special laboratories should be created with the team of experts who would perform this job. (The Messenger)