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Misunderstanding over Ukrainian scenario

By Gvantsa Gabekhadze
Thursday, April 10
Tina Khidasheli, a member of the Georgian Dream, has criticized the Interior Minister of Georgia Aleksandre Tchikaidze for his statements made regarding the Euromaidan scenario in Georgia. Khidasheli stated that making such statements indicates the government’s weakness.

Several days ago, Tchikaidze has warned the public that the political opponents of the current Georgian government are aiming to “destabilize” and repeat the “Ukrainian scenario” in Georgia. Tchikaidze made the statement to Prime Time newspaper, claiming that the government of Georgia will not allow internal unrest.

Tchikaidze says that coalition opponents have already brought Euromaidan activists to Georgia, and are taking part in training courses.

“I do not take [Tchikaidze’s comments] seriously… As if someone can stage an Ukrainian scenario in Georgia… as there is not a human resource in Georgia capable of carrying out such action,” Khidasheli stated, noting that the scenario has no basis in Georgia.

Khidasheli “advised” the Interior Minister to “keep silent”.

“In such cases, the Interior Ministry acts and refrains from making statements,” Khidasheli stated.

However, the head of the Parliament’s Security Committee, Irakli Sesiashvili, has stressed that the statements were “preventive” and has already caused problems for those planning unrest in Georgia.

The UNM has already assessed Tchikaidze's statement as absurd. According to the former Security Secretary Giga Bokeria, it would be better for the coalition “to look for spies inside the Georgian Dream.”

Analyst Vakhtang Dzabiradze states that the MIA must have a reason to make such a statement. However, according to the analyst, it would be better if the ministry provided some proof regarding the possibility. The analyst stated that the UNM has mentioned the Euromadan scenario in terms of the former official’s interrogation and detention repeatedly. Dzabiradze states that the UNM members are frightened for their own fate rather than the developments inside the country.

Analyst Vazha Beridze told The Messenger that the Interior Ministry would have grounds for making a warning statement. The analyst believes that internal and foreign threats are seriously increased in line with the Ukrainian crisis.

“I think that public should take such statements seriously. Of course, it would be better if the ministry presented some evidence,” Beridze said.