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Controversy in school number 53 continues

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Thursday, April 10
A rally against the dismissal of headmistress, Mariam Raminashvili, of public school number 53 continues. The rally that began on April 7 in front of the Ministry of Education and Science continued in front of the school building till late at night. Students, teachers and parents demand that Raminashvili is given her job back.

On April 7, Minister of Education and Science, Tamar Sanikidze met with the protesters. However, according to the school teachers, the meeting produced no results.

“The meeting was tense. We asked Sanikidze to retract her order, and her answer was negative. During the conversation we found out that Sanikidze used the conclusion of general inspection as the basis for her decision. When asked if she shares responsibility for the conclusion, her answer once again was negative,” Shorena Gamkhrelidze deputy headmistress stated.

According to Sanikidze, her decision is underpinned by the corresponding financial documentation. “No discreditation has taken a place,” Sanikidze said, adding that the only normal and legal way to solve the problem is to go to court.

This is exactly what Raminashvili said she plans to do.

The representative of the Resource Center stated that rallies are against students’ interests. However, the school staff plans to continue the rally.

Meanwhile, protesters do not allow the acting headmistress, Eka Gvakharia, to take her position.

“It is my job to act as the headmistress until the elections,” Ghvakharia stated.

Financial violations have been named as the official reason for dismissing Raminashvili according to the Ministry of Education and Science.