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Exhibition “Serving to Georgia” held within NATO Week

Friday, April 11
The exhibition “Serving to Georgia” dedicated to the Georgian army opened during NATO Week. The exhibit reflects the history of the development of the Georgian military since the 15th century was shown in the exhibition hall of the National Library of the Georgian Parliament. The Information Centre on NATO and the EU presented the Brochure on Georgia`s participation in peacekeeping missions too.

State Minister for European and Euro-Atlantic Integration Alex Petriashvili unveiled the exhibition. Deputy Minister of Defence Mikheil Darchiashvili addressed the invited guests. Among the attendees of the exhibition were Georgian military servicemen taking part in the international peacekeeping operations, as well as the representatives of executive and legislative authorities of Georgia, Diplomatic Corps, NGOs and media outlets. The wearing and equipment of a Georgian warrior, maps, military orders, letters, and Georgian flag brought from Afghanistan, which was raised at the military base “Shukvani”. The visitors were also allowed to see video clips specially prepared for NATO Week. The exhibition in the National Library of Georgian Parliament was held under the organizational support of the Georgian Ministry of Defence, National Library, National Archive, National Museum, National Centre of Manuscripts and State Service of Veterans Affairs.