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Georgian Armed Forces Day

Thursday, May 1
30 April is the Armed Forces of Georgia DAY. The Georgian army is celebrating its 23rd anniversary.

Chief of General Staff of GAF Major-General Vakhtang Kapanadze together with his spouse hosted the military personnel of GAF in Jansugh Kakhidze Musical Centre. Military Orchestra of Ministry of Defence and Vakhtang Kakhidze Symphonic Orchestra congratulated the Georgian officers on the Professional Day.

Solemn events with participation of military servicemen were also held in various military units.

In December, 1990, under the Resolution of the Supreme Council of the Republic of Georgia, National Guard -the Internal Troops of Ministry of Internal Affairs of Georgia- was established. Further development of Georgian army was based on the National Guard. On 24 April of 1991, Ministry Cabinet of Georgian Government issued an order regarding conscription of recruits in compulsory military service. On 30 April enrollment of recruits started officially and this date became the starting point of foundation of Georgian army.