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Defence Minister Congratulated Military on Georgian Armed Forces Day

Thursday, May 1
Defence Minister of Georgia congratulated military servicemen on the Georgian Armed Forces Day from the United States of America. Within the framework of the visit to the USA, Irakli Alasania is at Peter Harsh Prosthetics Clinic in San Diego, California to see the Georgian wounded military servicemen with amputated limbs.

“It’s a great honor for me to congratulate this day to those military servicemen whose motto is Motherland, Honor, and Loyalty! These guys are devoted soldiers of our homeland. They have proved that country’s interests are above their own lives many times not only in peace time, but also during combat activities.

I would like to highlight the great contribution of those military servicemen who are currently defending international security.

I’d like to pay honor to our brothers-in-arms, our heroes who fell for Georgia.

The opponents of Georgia have chosen country’s powerful symbol - the Georgian Armed Forces as a target to damage its image. They realize quite well that strength of our country depends on our military servicemen. I should outline – no other force is able to undermine the power of the Georgian Armed Forces. Our Army enjoys confidence of 93 percent of Georgia’s population! With this support the Georgian Army and Defence Ministry will strengthen more!

Defence Ministry and General Staff intends to carry out very essential and great plans with you.

Congratulations to the Georgian Armed Forces Day!”