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Research into the origins of the 2008 War

By Messenger Staff
Wednesday, May 14
The evaluation of the Georgian-Russian War of 2008 resulted in much controversy in Georgia. The current administration (Georgian Dream) accuses the United National Movement in making key mistakes by allowing itself to get trapped by Russian provocation. This topic has recently resurfaced at the Ministry of Defense, which is preparing new research that will reveal some additional details of the tragic event.

Analysts suggest that even the Georgian Dream is not exercising a universal approach, as there are differences in opinions between the Prime Minister Gharibashvili and Defense Minister Irakli Alasania.

The major question is: who started the war? Russian officials promote their version of the events, stating that the Georgian side launched an artillery attack. However, the Georgian attack was a response to the numerous provocative activities by separatists that led to casualties, as several Georgian soldiers and peaceful citizens were wounded and killed there.

In fact, this was part of the Russian master plan to trap Georgia into a conflict. This was greatest error was committed by the Georgian UNM leadership.

The Georgian side meanwhile, has proved to the world community that the war was started by Russian-supported South Ossetian separatists. This scenario is exercised by Russia today as well. Making it easy to distribute its passports to a neighbor country’s citizens encourages such provocative actions. After that, it is easier for Russia to invade other states. Russia has followed suit in Ukraine.

Georgian Dream leaders agree with this. Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili stated on May 12 that Georgia was dragged into the war with Russia as a result of the unreasonable and imprudent policy of the UNM leadership.

Soon the Ministry of Defense will reveal the research. The UNM is protesting the fact, as it does not want further materials to be revealed and investigated. The publication of this material might provide extra spin to the local elections scheduled for June 15.