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Business finances the ruling party again

By Messenger Staff
Monday, May 19
Itís business as usual as the upcoming local self-government elections in June approach. Once again, the Georgian business sector finances the current administration and ignores the opposition.

Prior to the parliamentary elections in 2012, business was putting its money with the United National Movement. In 2014 however, their money is going to the Georgian Dream coalition.

The business community does this to secure their safety. Before the parliamentary elections in 2012, the UNM administration received more than 20 million GEL in donations. Since then, donations in this direction have decreased considerably, as they have received currently just under a half a million GEL.

The UNM is now mostly financed by party members and private donors, whereas the business community has switched to financing the Georgian Dream coalition.

According to the state audit in January-March 2014, the Georgian Dream received more then 600,000 GEL in donations. The Georgian Dream has accumulated about 2.4 million GEL in donations so far. As for the UNM, in April 2014 it did not receive any donations, and so far in May, it has received a donation of only 5,000 GEL.

Analysts observe that during the previous administration, business was under pressure while nowadays the pressure has been lifted. However, the inertia to finance the ruling party continues as the heritage of ill tradition.

Some analysts think that the former UNM administration is spending money using their financial reserves accumulated through illegal operations.

The country has to do much to achieve transparency in this field, so that who pays, how much and to whom is clear and transparent to everybody.