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NATO-Georgia Commission Session

Thursday, April 29
NATO-Georgia Commission session was held at the level of Political and Partnerships Committee in Brussels. The delegation of Ministry of Defence of Georgia headed by Deputy Minister Mikheil Darchiashvili attended the meeting led in the NATO HQ. The reforms implemented in Georgia’s defence sector and future plans were the main topics of discussion: “we have stressed the progress which Georgia achieved during the recent period. NATO-Georgia partnership, current stage of cooperation and future perspectives were outlined at the bilateral meeting. The progress attained in the field of defence of Georgia and GAF`s interoperability with the NATO forces were given a positive assessment”, stated Mikheil Darchiashvili.

According to Deputy Minister of Defence, the review document which will be drafted by NATO International Service and submitted to the members of North-Atlantic Council will be based on the above-said positive evaluation. In accordance of the document, relevant decisions will be prepared for the upcoming Wales Summit too.