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Will Georgian officials be a part of the new Ukrainian government?

By Messenger Staff
Thursday, May 29
There is new intrigue following the Ukrainian Presidential elections. Newly elected President Petro Poroshenko, answering the questions of Georgian journalists, mentioned that he migh have Georgian advisers on his team. The same comment was made by the recently elected Mayor of Kiev Vitally Klychko.

Poroshenko did not name the individuals. However, Klichko and Saakashvili himself announced the news to the journalists. Georgia’s leadership meanwhile recommends that the newly elected Ukrainian leaders refrain from taking such a step.

Ukrainian leaders highlighted that Georgian politicians – in particular former president Mikheil Saakashvili, former Minister of Economy Kakha Bendukidze and MP Giorgi Vashadze, the former head of the Registry Service – possess valuable information on economic reforms and other issues.

Ukrainian Ambassador to Georgia Vasyl Tsybenko highlighted the problems and Georgian experience concerning the territories temporarily occupied by another country.

Here in Georgia, the country’s current administration, the Georgian Dream negatively evaluates the nine-year governance of the United National Movement led by Saakashvili, and they advise the new Ukrainian leadership to refrain from such steps that led to unpleasant consequences for Georgia.

This is a very delicate issue, touching many sensitive topics. Until now, Saakashvili is considered by many Western officials as a reliable partner and an active person in promoting Georgia to the West. However, the results of Saakashvili’s such ambitions resulted in losing of 20% of Georgia’s territory.

Some analysts even comment that Saakashvili took office in Georgia and then lost the territories, and now he is going to a country that has already lost territory. The other side of this topic might be Russia’s position towards Saakashvili’s presence at the top political level in Ukraine.

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov openly showed his negative attitude towards this possibility. When the new president of Ukraine in inaugurated, it will become clear who will become his advisors. It is certain that Ukraine’s administration realizes the challenges the country faces. But, the Ukrainian leadership should avoid the errors and shortcomings committed by Georgian UNM leaders.

The current Georgian leadership should keep calm and respect the choice of the Ukrainian leadership. Georgia has to be very careful over the problems Ukraine faces, as this country is precious to Georgia, especially when the country did much to clear a path to the EU.