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New steps taken toward Georgia-EU relations

By Diana Tasueva
Tuesday, June 3
“Georgia, Ukraine and Moldova have to become members of the EU,” declared Stefan Fule on May 31, 2014. The European commissioner gave an interview concerning enlargement and European Neighborhood Policy.

“The European integration perspective is preeminent motivation to carry out reforms in Eastern Europe countries. Exports are estimated to increase by 9 % and 12 % in the short and long term respectively, with imports going up by 4.4% and 7.5% respectively,” declared Fule.

The Association Agreement (AA) and Deep and Comprehensive Free-Trade area (DCFTA) will serve as investments in Georgia’s future. It is expected that the agreement will attract investments, create jobs and enhance its competitiveness. Aside from the economic and democratic reforms, the EU plans to enhance the role of civil society, which plays a crucial role in this transformation.

The ongoing political and economic course of Georgia emphasizes the importance of signing an Association Agreement. The Georgian government undertakes reforms in the framework of communication and information strategy in the edition of the journal Georgia’s European Way, which serves as a credible source for Georgia’s citizens about important EU-related activities.

Minister Aleksi Petriashvili has just presented the first edition of the journal - Georgia's European Way published by the Office of the State Ministry of Georgia on European and Euro-Atlantic Integration. Representatives of the Government of Georgia, the diplomatic corps, and the non-governmental organizations participated in the event.

The periodical includes an analytical section in which Georgian and International experts are invited to provide their views and expectations about ongoing development. The periodical will serve as an informational hub for international communities to evaluate Georgia’s achievements and successful experience in various spheres of cooperation with the EU.

The Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Gharibashvili speaks about the advantages of the AA. He does not merely signify economic relations, but speaks about shared common European values, which is expressed in respect for human rights and rule of law.

Georgian Patriarch Ilia II is also included in the magazine.

“We are pleased that Georgia, after going through a hard communist regime, is now heading towards the European Union.”