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Sergeenko highlights upcoming changes

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Tuesday, June 3
Minister of Health, Labour and Social Affairs of Georgia Davit Sergeenko stated that law enforcement strategy towards marijuana was too harsh and too liberal towards pharmaceuticals. According to him, a new strategy will resolve the problem.

Sergeenko stresses that a special tactic should be created in terms of marijuana.

“The strategy should meet international standards. I hope that the project will be realized in a timely manner,” Sergeenko stated.

Sergeenko said that work on the new drug strategy is nearly finished.

"I think that the main preparation period has ended, and perhaps this week we'll have a wrap-up meeting, and in the next month a draft will be presented to the public," said the minister.

In this regard, the Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs, Levan Izoria, emphasized that finding a workable strategy against the illegal influx of drugs is a key point in the issue.

“Only after can we think about solving this kind of problem. The interagency council on drug abuse has been established for combating the problem,” Izoria suggested.

The minister also touched upon some other painful issues for the country. According to Sergeenko, the demography promotion strategy has also been launched.

“We will assist people in the regions that face serious demographic threats. We have created some financial programs that offer families between 150-200 GEL. Also, the government will cover all pregnancy-related expenses,” Sergeenko stated.