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Wednesday, June 4
Tbilisi Civil Court suspends mining at Sakdrisi Gold Mine

A court ruling has overturned a Ministerial decision to allow Russian-owned mining company RMG Gold to continue mining at the Sakdrisi Gold Mine in southern Georgia. Tbilisi City Court yesterday ordered mining to temporarily halt at the Sakdrisi Gold Mine while the court continued to deliberate the case. Until the final verdict had been made, the Court ruled RMG Gold was forbidden to excavate mineral resources at Sakdrisi site.

This decision overturned a March 13 order by Minister of Culture and Monument Protection of Georgia Guram Odisharia, which allowed RMG Gold to continue large-scale mining at the site."In this particular case due to the specifics of the subject, it is important to save the uniqueness of the object, the qualities and characters, as well as the maintenance of the environment which made it historical, cultural or have archaeological value”, the Court stated. Sakdrisi Gold Mine is one of the oldest gold mines in the world and dates back almost 5,000 years. German and Georgian archeologists have been excavating the site since 2006.Several expert archaeologists believed the gold mine was the oldest mine in the world however Georgia’s Ministry of Culture would not confirm if the gold and golden ores being mined were from the prehistoric era. The ancient mine, which stretches 50 meters deep, was discovered only a few years ago by Georgian and German archeologists. In 2013, the Ministry of Culture revoked the Sakdrisi Gold Mine’s status of a place of cultural heritage, citing the site had been enlisted through procedural violations. The Ministry decided the site should retain an archeological site status but after three months this status was also removed.RMG Gold then applied to the Ministry of Culture to allow mining to continue at Sakdrisi Gold Mine. This was greeted with protests by archaeologists. (

Rehabilitation work underway in Dariali Gorge

The temporary transport road will be opened in the Dariali Gorge, to provide a de tour movement in the remote region, which was affected by the disaster on May 17th. The works were moved onto a new phase during past few days. The representatives of the Ministry of Infrastructure and Regional Development guided reporters in the disaster affected area today to introduce them with the work done for cleaning the damaged section of the road.

Currently, the specialists have already managed to cut new bed for the river Tergi through which the water collected after the disaster will be released; the flooded area will be emptied of water and it will be easier to work. At the same time, the workers are trying to deepen the Tergi bed.

The special headquarters set up by the prime minister on the next day of the landslide in Dariali Gorge, assembles every day to plan the rehabilitation works. Special watch points have been opened on the highest peaks of the surrounding mountains, from which the specialists are observing the dangerous sections. They are in permanent contact with the workers via radio signals. (Rustavi 2)

Occupied Abkhazia’s de facto acting President Valeri Bganba dismisses heads of Gali and Tkvarcheli regions

Occupied Abkhazia’s de facto acting President Valeri Bganba has dismissed heads of the Gali and Tkvarcheli regions.

According to his decision, heads of the Gali and Tkvarcheli regions will be replaced by their deputies. In addition, Valeri Bganba presented the Chief Prosecutor’s resignation plan.

We remind you that Alexander Ankvab, the de facto head of Georgia's breakaway region of Abkhazia, resigned on Sunday. The resignation followed unrest by street protesters, who accused Ankvab of corruption and misrule. So-called parliament's speaker Valeri Bganba will act as de facto president until the vote on August 24. (

Prime Minister wraps-up visit to Germany

The visit of the Georgian Prime Minister to Germany has been concluded with a special reception ceremony held at the Bode Museum in Berlin on Monday evening. Irakli Gharibashvili presented Mr. Frank Walter Steinmeier with two German books published in the 18th century, which had been so far held at the Tbilisi State University Library.

It was also announced at the ceremony that the government of Georgia will sell a land area to Tbilisi German International School for a symbolic prince in order to promote and popularize the German language in Georgia. (Rustavi 2)

German interest in Georgia has increased-Usupashvili says

Georgian Parliament Speaker Davit Usupashvili responded to the meeting held between the Prime Minister Irakli Gharibashvili and German Chancellor Angela Merkel, while talking with "PirWeli".

"Recent events have proved that Germany's interest and attitude changed in favor of us. This attention may be stipulated by the recent actions of Russia. At the same time, Chancellor Angela Merkel is not only the German leader, but also one of the most influential European ones. These developments are important for the Georgian-German and Georgian-EU relations,"- said Usupashvili. (

Up to 70 prisoners sentenced to life imprisonment to launch hunger strike

Up to 70 prisoners, who were sentenced to life imprisonment, are going to launch a hunger strike. Inmates of the Gldani Prison #8 told TV Imedi on Tuesday.

According to prisoner Giorgi Mgeladze, their demands include “amendments to the amnesty law and the creation of effective an mechanism to revise illegal sentences.”

Rally in solidarity with the above-mentioned prisoners will be held in front of the old parliament building in Tbilisi on June 9. (frontnews)