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Charity Event: The Israel Camerata Jerusalem in Georgia

By Tatia Megeneishvili
Wednesday, June 4
Georgian pianist, Alexander Korsantia, who is well-known worldwide – especially in the United States, invited Camerata Jerusalem to Georgia, which will arrive in Tbilisi on June 6.

The concert is dedicated to the 26 century-long friendship between Israel and Georgia.

The concerts will be held on June 7 in Batumi, on June 8 in Kutaisi and on June 9 in Tbilisi.

The concert will be led by conductor Avner Biron. Biron is also the founder, music director and permanent conductor of the Israel Camerata Orchestra of Jerusalem.

The performer will be Sergei Babayan, an Armenian-American concert pianist. He will perform, Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s Piano Concerto No 9.

According to Korsantia, Babayan has been in Georgia for 3 years now.

“The public liked him a lot. He is a star known around the world. The tandem of Babayan and Biron will first take place in Georgia,” stated Korsantia.

Representative of Israel Embassy, Sandra Peksi said that in the future, they will continue various events.

“We have a plan to continue our communication in the field of culture. Soon we will hold a film festival in Tbilisi, which will also feature movies from our country,” Peksi stressed.

Khatuna Kiknadze, Head of Art Management at the Ministry of Culture, said that the upcoming concert will be amazing not just because of the stars that will be performing, but also because it’s main goal is to give to charity.

The funds collected from the Tbilisi concert will be donated to the fund to help Ketevan Abashidze. Abashidze is the daughter of a violinist from the Tbilisi State Theater Orchestra and her father is a dancer in the Georgian National Company.

Ketevan had a car accident in June of 2012. Since then, she has not been able to breathe or walk due to a spinal injury. A two-month rehabilitation course costs about 95, 000 Euro, so far only 12, 000 Euro has been collected.